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From Giulio Saggin 26th August 2011

I thought you might like to know about my novel, Deep Fried Pizza, about the world of news photography (I am a news photographer). There are few, if any, novels about life as a news photographer and the fact Deep Fried Pizza was written by someone who lived the life gives added impetus to the authenticity of the story, especially to fellow photographers. Deep Fried Pizza is also set in Edinburgh, so you may be able to relate to certain aspects of the novel -

I have also hitchhiked all the way around Australia photographing everyone who gave me a lift and writing about each hitch. I hitchhiked the equivalent of over halfway around the world during my eight months on the road and, images aside, my journey proves that everyone has a story to tell -


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Amazon either in paperback or download.


From Jim Crossan 10th November 2010

Thought you'd like to know about Chamberhouses Studio-a new space for hire by the day for photographers and video makers. Our website will be up and running shortly but if you'd like a look - or to try it out - drop me an email.

There's a 25ft infinity cove - with access big enough to take a car - a green screen, full continuous lighting, Elinchrom and Bowens studio flash kits, softboxes, a black perspex infinity curve, soft cube, dressing room and toilet, separate office with computers including photoshop - and loads of space - working area is around 40ft x 30ft.

If you go to: there's a rough edit of some recent work in the studio.

The studio is in a secluded spot in Irvine with more than ample parking.

Jim Crossan

Mob: 07771 685825

From Ben Curtis

The Godfather of this site Ben Curtis has expressed his concerns regarding SPAM and the availability of our members e mail addresses being spammed while published on our site. Ben has forwarded me an encryption software to help keep your e mail address safe. If you feel you are receiving more spam than normal and would like your e mail addie encoded, please send me a note at

From Alan Ewing

Don't throw away your broken Applemac Power adapters they can be repaired including that silly American bastard plug. If the cables gone at the plug it can be fixed saving a small fortune. If anyone wants info they can get in touch with me on my mobile or by e-mail.

Mobile:  07831 117753

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